Welcome to the iSURVIVE project website!

iSURVIVE is the name of a study that seeks to provide education about cancer survivorship to rural primary care practices and communities in the High Plains of Eastern Colorado.

Primary care providers are a central source for care and information, particularly in rural communities. When cancer is diagnosed, care for individuals can be fragmented and full of gaps, especially when they have to leave the primary care setting and their communities to receive their cancer care. Many primary care providers and practices are unaware of the unmet needs of cancer surviors. iSURVIVE aims to change that.

iSURVIVE is funded through a grant from the National Cancer Institute. A team of scientific experts from the University of Colorado Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Colorado School of Medicine, University of Colorado Hospital, Children’s Hospital Colorado and the University of Alberta have collaborated with community experts from the High Plains Research Network in eastern Colorado to develop educational materials for this study.

These materials include:

  • evidence based guidelines for cancer survivorship care,
  • tools to help promote cancer survivorship care planning,
  • educational webinars delivered by clinical experts in survivorship care,
  • resources for patients and practices and
  • a moderated discussion forum, where one can ask questions or discuss topics of interest

Meet our project team.

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